What’s New

Jack Rabbit was the first packaged dry bean to hit the shelves back in 1935. Now, as with any 80 year old with an illustrious past, the brand was looking for a bit of a facelift. So we embarked on a mission to redesign its packaging. Because of Jack Rabbit’s important heritage, the goal was to develop a design that was approachable and familiar with a hint of nostalgia. Hipsters call that “retro.” We wanted a design that was clean and straightforward—like our ingredients. One that let the product speak for itself.

We realized that today’s consumers prioritize health and wellness and are paying close attention to what they put in their bodies, looking for whole, clean ingredients whenever possible. So we wanted our packaging to call out the healthful nature of dry beans in a modern way. To that end, our new packaging includes graphics that illustrate some of our best features: high in protein; gluten free; and non-GMO verified. A perfect fit for the modern consumer.

Whether your family has thrived on Jack Rabbit for generations or you’re a new customer in search of an exciting whole food with clean ingredients, our beans are for you.